To the family of the late Apollo Nyegamehe, the business community and the Uganda Grain Council

Just as we were negotiating the end of the trade impasse with South Sudan over the release of Uganda cargo, I was told in the night, of the tragic death of Aponye who although I had known for a short time, I had a deep sense of respect.  I am saddened that I couldn’t be at his burial given I am out of the country.

But just to remind all those listening, about six generations ago, the racist English Explorer John Hanning walking through Tanzania and Uganda, wrote in his diary, “how the negro has lived so many ages without advancing, seems marvelous, when all the countries surrounding Africa are so forward in comparison; and judging from the progressive state of the world, one is led to suppose that the African must soon either step out from his darkness or be superseded by a being superior to himself”

Aponye with limited means and very humble background, like many of us, overcame the odds to demonstrate that he or she who focuses on pulling themselves up by their bootstraps and building a greater good for society, will defy, on behalf of Africa and their communities, all the naysayers – both local and external. Apollo effected change in multiple industries – the grain, real estate, manufacturing and worked hard for the Movement. This was so to ensure that the next generation faces better conditions than he did growing up. In life and in his death, he still speaks to us to keep working hard at what matters for our country.

And to you Chris Kaijuka and your team who introduced me a few years ago to Apollo, stay firm and live light. Please keep working in the most ignored areas of our economy – the enterprise building for young people. This will assure Uganda of a stable future.

The Lord God who sees hearts, comfort you and the family of Apollo.

May Apollo’s soul find rest


Chairman Advisory Committee on Exports & Industrial Development


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