Muhanguzi Denis Kaffoko March 17, 2017 at 7:28 am
Thanks Odrek,From the two options mentioned above on liberalize and import substitution investment.I think our government literally took both of them up.whereas the later was so open to public and very direct.But the import substitution has been taken indirectly.There is nothing we barely produce.Am sure you will say that the industrial sector has largely grown but when you look at these investors most are foreign and the capital and skills that our people badly want.they don’t have an opportunity to acquire those skills.Our education and media are all geared towards disabling and creating fears and hate within our selves.These factors have made our people not to believe in themselves(this is an hypothesis that is subject to verification),instead they praise and worship the whites thus the whites take advantage of that and exploit us.But in all this the government which is supposed to take a stand is not taking a firm policy position instead its in Uganda where tax holidays are given to foreign investors and local investors can’t even have those benefits.I have meant many Ugandans who have started businesses and decry of the exploitation or lack of support from the Government,but surprisingly even the things that are produced by Ugandan entrepreneurs,we don’t buy them,we say they are not of quality instead a second hand shirt from Owino is better so they say(if this is not madnessthen wonder what it is) .The government can come up with the youth fund project and others like NAADs,operation wealth creation but the mental and physiological capacity of the youth/Ugandans is disabled.Whereas the western has always preferred the capitalistic model which we have harnessed to there advantage.We need to now take our stand and calculate our gains as Ugandan.We have the capacity to put them on negotiation table and say this is working but this is not working.If they want to support then we can corporate.Otherwise the situation is getting out of hand with many Universities opening doors and no technical institutions which we badly need.Of recent you see a whole ministry with technical people scrambling off subjects like technical drawing ,Kishwahil and the rest. This is the real struggle and i would be will to work with you to teach the ideology that actually led to the death of many people like Sankara,Lumumba and recently Gadafi etc because of their communism leaning but like you said Politics is economical and the two are inseparable. Salute