Office of the Special Adviser

Odrek Rwabwogo was appointed as Special Adviser to Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni in July 2021. His work focuses on promoting the country on the world stage, driving exports (particularly in the agricultural sector) and implementing training programmes to ensure best-practice governance for the people of Uganda.

Promoting Uganda

Central to Odrek’s work as Special Adviser to the President of Uganda is promotion of the country’s interests on the local, regional and global stage.

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Exporting Uganda

Through his farming business and foundation, Odrek is highly involved in Uganda’s agricultural sector and has direct experience of exporting farmers’ produce to inter national customers.

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Traning Uganda

In addition to running training for business executives and the Ugandan youth, Odrek is frequently called upon within government to organise sessions featuring internal and external experts on topics ranging from communications to economics.

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