My story

I was born on September 17, 1969, on this land, went to a nearby primary school, then on to Rwampara for my secondary school at Bujaga and later to Mbarara for high school in a new makeshift private secondary school in 1988. I have lived at this farm for the last 47 years and raised my children there too. The additional name of ‘Bwesharire’ on the farm is of the ‘ Abahwezhu’ clan from which I come in Ankole. This man Bwesharire is the great-great-grandfather of them all who led them out of the old Mpororo kingdom wrangles to the present day rich and lush Sheema district in the greater Bushenyi, western Ankore. He was a good leader, a calm negotiator, a good listener and a fighter. Many of his relatives still live in Sheema. Within 10 years of settling on the land, Tomosi and Erina became one of the largest sellers of matooke (Bananas of all kinds), fruits and Vegetables. They also had a small herd of cows averaging 80-100 and were simple, comfortable Christians resisting the pressure of the world to conform.