We learned with sadness yesterday, of the sudden passing on of Dr. Thomas Okurut, a man who instituted key reforms to get Uganda a cleaner and smarter environment for the next level of growth. Dr. Okurut struck a good balance between the development needs of a young country and the necessary structures to protect and pass on a better environment to the next generation.

At PACEID we have worked closely with Dr. Anne Rose Ademun, his wife, to bring reforms in the food and animal sector and to improve our exports. These two humble hardworking people are a demonstration of good teamwork at a family and professional level. They are also a good show of quiet patriotism that the country needs but rarely gets.

I hope the young generation emulates them. We will miss Dr Okurut but his work remains

We pray for his family at this difficult time and wish them all blessings as they overcome the gap Dr Okurut has left behind.

Odrek Rwabwogo


Presidential Advisory Committee on Exports & Industry (PACEID)

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