IGANGA, UGANDA: The Chairperson Export and Industry Advisory Committee who doubles as the Presidential advisor on General Duties, Mr Odrek Rwabwogo has tasked leaders in Busoga sub-region to engage the community in targeting production of best farm produce which is suitable for the market and with the right standards to attract an international market.

Rwabwogo says, what is being produced currently has not had a market strategy like how it will reach the market, the taste and preferences of markets or what the market consumes. According to him, they are working tirelessly to educate people so that each household understands what the market needs, the standards for a better price and where(country) to sell more at better prices.

Mr Rwabwogo was on Tuesday engaging various leaders in the Busoga sub-region on a theme of ‘Production for Export and Industrial Growth’ at Iganga Boy’s boarding primary school at CMS, Bulamagi Sub-county in Iganga district.


The meeting where Mr Rwabwogo took participants through the various ways of utilizing the external market through producing quality and enough outputs was attended by not only incumbent leaders in Busoga but also former leaders.

“If each one of our households at village level or parish level understands what the market wants on a particular product say vegetables, fish, grains, understand the standard for a better price and the country where to sell more and at a better price, we would be very far in development,” Rwabwogo said before adding that it’s difficult to speak to government officials and others but instead they have decided to go down to farmers and cooperatives. He said that the participants were trusted to carry the message so that farmers and cooperatives focus on a product when the buyer is available and a seller from Uganda is organized such that things get better through the production of viable, quality and standard products ready for export. He reminded participants that leadership is a burden and a calling citing that going about it needs someone who will aim at changing the lives of people through production than politicking.

Mr Rwabwogo, who is relatedly close to the first family is rumoured to be strategizing to contest for a high political office in the country in the 2026 elections but even after some participants seducing him to come in 2026 and others praised him for the ideological session citing that he has a big vision, he just quoted the Bible in Ecclesiastes 3 from verses 1 that there is time for everything.

The coordinator of this engagement in Busoga and also a former district chairperson Iganga, Mr Kayemba Patrick said they chose at least 10 leaders from each district of the 12 districts which make up the Busoga sub-region, who included civic leaders, and a selection of political leaders who were engaged in a conversation and sensitization on inducing the population to produce for export by thinking about value addition, infrastructure, regulations and having a market as farmers produce.

“We engaged a number of actors, leaders, some of them are civil leaders and others are a selection of political leaders to begin a conversation and sensitization on inducing our population to produce for export while thinking about value addition and other issues which ensure that we’re able to export. There are issues of infrastructure, and what role are we playing to have the market in our eyes as we produce,” Mr Kayemba narrated.

He said that the conversation was mostly intended to develop an economy that benefits all, adding that they aim at bringing all actors like farmers on board for suitable production and telling leaders that leadership is a burden that needs one to hold responsibly since it’s a calling. “We are challenging leaders and all civic actors to begin thinking about not only talking or occupying positions but also ensuring that they create transformation and change. It’s only from that for them to emerge as leaders,” Kayemba added. A number of participants appreciated the orientation and verbally recommended him for a top political office in the country.

“Mr Rwabwogo, this is my second time to meet you but always you’re so resourceful in giving out knowledge and the message you have given us here will flow down to our people. However, I beg that if the time comes when Mzee moves aside, we request that you come for the highest office in the country since your visions are strong,” Mr Baker Luwano, the former speaker of Luuka district said before receiving a brief response from Rwabwogo that “there is time for everything.”

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