Tomosi’s Farm

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Tomosi’s Farm began in 1964 as a small peasant holding for the first generation owners Mr and Mrs Tomosi Rwabwogo. Odrek Rwabwogo and his wife Patience are the second generation owners and since 1997 have expanded the farm from its original 76 acres to 500 acres currently.

In 2014, the farm partnered with a private equity venture fund to establish and manage a 50,000 litre per day milk processing plant in south-western Uganda. The plant started operations in May 2016 and currently produces yoghurt, long-life and fresh milk.

Tomosi’s Farm has a 200-seat training facility at the farm and conducts regular session for farmers from the Bwesharire Farmers’ Co-operative Society in improved farm practices, technology and entrepreneurship skills.

The farm aims to be the regional leader in helping improve the productivity of farmers and setting an example for the African elite who think agriculture is a risky venture.