Tomosi Foundation

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The Tomosi Foundation started in March 2009 in honour of a simple peasant man from western Uganda who had faith in the power of small beginnings. In a continent where peasant families quiet often are reduced to begging for food or living on insufficient diets, Tomosi, a semi-illiterate herdsman, made decision that his children will “never beg for food nor will his home suffer from hunger”.

Using physical strength, he cultivated a five-acre banana plantation, grew vegetables and fruits and taught himself and his children eating a balanced diet. With the savings made by not buying food like many families had to, he was able to educate all his children on the proceeds from the sale of cows.

By the time he died in 1999, he was the single supplier of the best bananas, vegetables and fruits in his neighborhood, sustaining many families through the dry seasons that are a feature of the area. He also helped build a church and school that are now testament to his vision. He was also able to hold on to a large piece of land, even though he had few cows, as many families moved away in search of water and pasture leaving their ancestral lands to be taken.