The reconstruction and modernisation of Naama Primary School

Many of us who have had an opportunity to go to school know what an immense privilege this has been specially given the fact that many of our parents weren’t that fortunate. They, however, chose to carry the load even when they didn't even have the chance to see a blackboard, for many in their lives. They built schools, churches and most importantly homes, which have been so pivotal a foundation in transforming the lives of hundreds of thousands across our community.

Every generation stands on the shoulders of those who have weathered the storm and gone ahead so that they too can see far. How, therefore, can we repay with gratitude the example of this generation that built these little schools and churches in our communities, introduced new breeds of animals, grew crops, built homes and educated their children where there was no precedent?

I kindly ask you to support the initiative to repair and modernize Naama primary school as a starting point of what can be done across our communities to revamp education and help the next generation too. In doing this, we will also be restoring the spirit of community service and sacrifice, regain the lost ground in the role of parents and communities in rebuilding our education and health facilities and many other things that matter to us.

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